Easily configure and install your canon printer via ij.start.canon by downloading the relevant http://ij.start.canon drivers based on your printer model and configuring it.

There are numerous brands available in the market when it comes to printers. Canon is a well-known manufacturer of well-equipped printers, which are packed with features and benefits. To make your printers easy to use and install, follow the instructions given at the official website link “ij.start.canon”.

Canon.com/ijsetup offers a wide range of features with their printers, the following is the list.

Automatic Duplex Printing: Canon has several models that offer automatic duplex printing. So if you want to write a book and print it without wasting paper, this is the solution.

Wireless Auto Power On: With this feature, it helps you save on power consumption as well as your manual compromise with the printer. As it goes into sleep mode when idle, although while connected wirelessly, you only have to print or scan and this is enough to wake up your printer. Isn't that cool, so you won't have a problem turning it off and on again anymore?

Quiet mode: no more grinding noises from your printer. Canon offers printers with a silent mode to avoid annoying noise that impairs your attention and hearing.

Unpacking Your Canon Printer and Preparing for Installation - ij.start.canon | http://ij.start.canon

The first and most important step will be to unpack your canon printer, take it out of the box.

Also take out the necessary accessories and supplies that came with your Canon printer, such as power adapter, cartridges, etc.

Now, start removing all the orange ribbons from your printer.

Once done, turn on the printer and insert the toner or cartridges into the toner carriage.

After that, load the stack of letter-size paper in the paper tray.

So now, you are done with unpacking and preparing to install your printer.

How to download Canon printer drivers and setup

First, open a browser to go to the website http://ij.start.canon.

Second, once you have landed on Canon's official website, you will see a settings button. Therefore, click the button to start the setup guide.

Now, you will need to select your printer model name from the list or you can also enter the same in the search box on your own.

Once you have selected the printer model, choose the version of the operating system to proceed with the installation of the respective drivers.

Go ahead to select supported drivers and download the file.

Finally, the drivers are downloaded to your device.


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